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The Way To Dive Grand Cayman!

World Famous

Recognized as the birthplace of diving in the Caribbean, Grand Cayman is one of the world’s top dive destinations, boasting clear waters, plunging walls and abundant marine life. Grand Cayman offers hundreds of dive locations. The three tiny islands are not volcanic, but actually peak off an undersea mountain known as the Cayman Ridge. This undersea mountain rises more than six miles from the ocean floor. To the South is the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Trench, which plummets to depths over 2500 feet.

What attracts both novice and experienced divers to these islands are the beautifully natural attractions; at the top of the list is the famous Cayman wall. The Cayman wall is the dramatic drop off surrounding the island. Easily accessible by boat the wall begins as shallow as 50 feet, then ocean floor falls away as either a slopping or sheer vertical cliff, plummeting thousands of feet into the blue abyss.