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The Way To Dive Grand Cayman!

DNS Diving

Dive N’ Stuff was founded in 1993 by divers for divers.

DNS Diving is committed to helping you discover the most amazing dive sites in Grand Cayman, from the sheer drop offs of our famous walls, to the adventurous wrecks and breathtaking reefs that have made Grand Cayman one of the top diving destinations in the world.

Our goals:

  • Smaller dive groups
  • Longer bottom times
  • And safe, easy, flexible diving
  • Have as much fun as possible

Why Dive With Us?

What drives this company and makes it standout is the astounding amount of passion that the staff and owners alike have for the ocean. We provide out of this world service, because we want all of our guests to see this wonderful underwater world the way we do. These waters have a hold on all of us and we look forward to spreading our love and passion into each and every one of you. Not only by showing you the amazing spectacles this underwater environment boasts, but to develop relationships with each and every person that steps on our boats.

This is Why

Our short promotional video goes into what makes DNS the WAY you should dive Grand Cayman!

The Way to Dive from DNS Diving | Grand Cayman on Vimeo.

The Staff "hard" at Work

Let DNS Diving be your guide as you discover Grand Cayman’s crystal clear waters, lush coral reefs, incredible wall dives and entertaining sea life.